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List of Acronyms

AT Assessment Task
CA Constructive Alignment
CO Course Outcomes
CO-LO Matrix      Course Outcomes-Learning Outcomes Alignment (Generic Codes)
COPIA Code of Practice for Institutional Audit
CO-PO Matrix  Course Outcomes-Program Outcomes Alignment
COPPA  Code of Practice for Program Accreditation
HEP  Higher Education Provider
LO  Learning Outcomes
Lo  Lesson Outcomes
LO-KI  Learning Outcomes-Kemahiran Insaniah (SS)
MOHE Ministry of Higher Education
MQA Malaysian Qualification Agency
MQF Malaysian Qualification Framework
OBE  Outcomes Based Education
PEO  Program Educational Objectives
PO Program Outcomes
SCL Student Centered Learning
SLT  Student Learning Time
SS  Soft Skill
TLA  Teaching Learning Activities
JSU Jadual Spesifikasi Ujian


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